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Plant/Flower Rental & Care

Did you know that fresh flowers and plants at your business can…

  •  Beautify the environment

  •  Increase perceived value 

  •  Improve air quality

  •  Boost morale

  •  Direct traffic patterns

  •  Hide unsightly architectural flaws

  •  Update your professional look

  •  and more! 

We offer scheduled flower & plant care services!


Floral Plans:

  • Beautiful custom arrangements

  • Refreshed on regular basis

  • Replaced at defined interval (weekends, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)

Plant/Orchid Plans:

  • Beautiful healthy plants provided

  • Regular maintenance (pruning, trimming, fertilizing)

  • 100% health guarantee - any unhealthy or dead plants replaced free of charge


Contact us and we will get back to you with a custom plan for your organization.

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